High on DHB?

So we can conclude two things from the Raiders' unexpected first-round draft pick: Darrius Heyward-Bey is really freakin' fast and Al Davis may be bonkers. Then again, we already knew the second thing.

My theory is that the Silver and Black have gotten a mite tired of drafting phenomenally talented guys who can command enormous deals (hi, JaMarcus and D-Mac!) and preferred to go with a relative unknown who doesn't think quite so highly of himself. If true, this approach might backfire; nothing boosts an ego quite like a high draft selection. If not, more power to DHB: if he can pull in the big bucks, he's certainly going to be earning them. Anyone playing wide receiver for the Raiders will be under pressure from the media, the fans, and--oh, yeah--all those guys on the other team who didn't get blocked by the O line. Add to that the extra scrutiny Mr. Not-Michael-Crabtree automatically gets through no fault of his own, and the pressure cooker turns up a notch.

As with all things in the depths of basketball playoff season, which is about to turn into full-on baseball season with no respite for your poor football-deprived blogger until late August, we must wait and see. It would be awfully nice to write about JaMarcus firing off a long one to DHB while some poor sod on the opposing team--Troy Polamalu, for instance--chases fruitlessly after D-Mac. Then again, the life of a Raiders fan is one of constant optimism as a self-defense mechanism.

Update, 08/15/09: Hey! How about that Michael Crabtree, Niners fans?

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