November 2, Falcons


II am in the process of packing up all of our earthly possessions for our upcoming move to Albuquerque, land of green chilies and rabid Raiders fans. The bad news is that I just ran out of packing tape. The good news is that the Raiders game is on. The better news is that they're playing the Falcons, who may be improved but still have issues.

Oakland appears to be quite foggy today. D-Mac is out again, which must frustrate him to no end. It certainly frustrates

First Quarter

14:53 SeaBass kicks it off to Jerious Norwoord, who gets it nearly to half field. Ooh, and there's a holding penalty against the Falcons.

14:49 Richardson tackes Turner for a gain of two.

14:09 Eugene takes Turner down after he makes a first down.

13:33 Ryan hands off to Norwood, who goes nowhere.

12:42 Ryan hands off to Norwood again, who unfortunately gets somewhere this time. First down, brought down by Hall.

12:03 Ryan hands off to Turner for no gain.

11:27 Ryan is chased around by some determined Raiders, but manages to throw to the sidelines just shy of a first down.

11:15 Ryan throws to Douglas for a first down.

10:37 Ryan hands off to Turner. Two yards, maybe.

10:00 Ryan does... something, and flags fly. Oakland is offsides.

8:56 Erk. Ryan throws a beautiful 37-yard pass to Jenkins, who sashays into the end zone with three Raiders trailing haplessly behind him.

8:56 Extra point is good. DeAngelo Hall apparently thinks talking fretfully to the ref is a good idea. DeAngelo, shaddup!

8:53 Branch catches the kickoff and then trips at the 15. Jonny Lee Higgins, where are you? At least you usually make it to the 20.

8:46 JaMarcus throws to Walker, who wozzles it.

8:39 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas, who goes nowhere.

8:04 JaMarcus overthrows Walker by several yards. Three-and-out.

7:52 Lechler boots the punt 55 yards. Douglas catches it and runs sideways. Chris Johnson chases Douglas out of bounds at the 34, which is acceptable.

7:40 Jerious Norwood takes the handoff and gets nowhere.

7:07 Norwood gets a first down.

6:41 Justin Heel catches a short pass and is promptly bearhugged by Wilson.

6:25 Ryan throws a first down. Richardson decides to rough Ryan right in front of a ref. 15-yard penalty. Not good.

6:24 Raiders take a timeout, presumably so that Cable can holler at people.

6:11 Ryan makes a short pass for a gain of a few yards.

5:44 Ryan hands off for another small gain.

5:02 Norwood zips around and hurdles over Turner into the end zone for another touchdown. Ack.

4:57 Hi, Johnny Lee Higgins! There you are! Returning the kickoff to the 22!

4:48 Fargas gets a gain of three.

4:15 JaMarcus fakes the handoff, runs like crazy, and throws to Miller, who actually catches it! 3rd and 7.

3:39 JaMarcus uncorks a huge one to Lelie. So huge, in fact, that he overthrows him by several yards. 3-and-out again.

3:25 Lechler punts a very bouncy ball to the 15.

3:19 Ryan throws a first down. He is one efficient quarterback.

2:42 Ryan hands off for no gain.

2:13 Ryan hands off to Turner, who gets a few yards.

1:33 Turner gets a first down. I am distracted by various other scores from better games around the league. Eli, we're still on for ice cream, right?

1:01. Ryan throws a long bomb that DeAngelo nearly intercepts.

0:52 The Falcons decide to go for it. Turner makes it worth their while. First down.

Second Quarter

14:52 Ryan throws a weensy short of a first down.

14:23 A large pile of football players converges on the magic yellow line. Falcons have a first down.

13:45 Turner gets the handoff and is chased out of bounds 3 yards before the first down.

13:18 Turner gets that third down, but there's a holding penalty on Atlanta. Replay!

13:17 Tom Cable looks wearied.

13:00 Ryan throws a rainbow to the back corner of the end zone. However, there isn't anyone within 15 yards of it, so I'm not sure what happened there. I'll take it, though.

12:54 Oh, that's what they meant to do. Ryan throws to the other corner of the end zone, where he connects for a touchdown. Argh! And the extra point is good. Despair and misery.

12:35 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas for a gain of three and apparently a hand injury. Fargas walks to the sidelines contemplating his hand. Not good.

11:59 JaMarcus gets sacked with wild abandon. He also fumbles the ball, which may be recovered by the Falcons.

11:38 Nope, just another 3-and-out. Boo!

11:24 Ryan throws for a first down.

10:42 (I missed a play.) Turner tries hard to get another first down, but is unsuccessful. 3rd and short.

9:26 Turner gets the first down this time.

8:51 Ryan throws a laser to White for another first down, though DeAngelo is right there for the tackle.

8:03 Turner gains a few yards.

7:40 Ryan hands off for not much gain.

6:59 Scott tears through the Falcons and pounds Ryan. Yay!

6:29 Elam makes a 48-yard field goal.

6:24 Johnny Lee Higgins does what he always does and runs the kickoff to the 21-yard line.

6:24 Aaaand we have a false start to begin the possession. I have this pronounced sense of deja vu. I think we're back in 2006. Everyone avoid those subprime mortgages, okay?

5:59 Hey! First down!

5:21 JaMarcus has nobody to throw to and runs like crazy for a loss of about a yard.

5:09 JaMarcus throws to Bush's feet. Here we go again. Three-and-out.

4:54 I got distracted and missed the kickoff. Ryan hands off to Turner, who gains maybe a yard.

4:11 Ryan throws to White for a first down. Issues? The Falcons officially have no issues.

2:54 Ryan hands off to Norwood, who gets another first down. Over in the Giants/Cowboys game, Eli threw an interception. I am sad.

2:21 Ryan hands off to Turner, who has a gain of about a yard.

1:55 Turner makes it to the 30.

1:14 Ryan hands off to Norwood for a first down.

0:40 Turner gets sacked in the backfield for a loss of several yards. Hey, at least somebody on the Raiders is doing something. 2nd and 13.

0:34 Ryan is chased around and still throws for a first down. Tom Cable is looking rather pale.

0:16 Hey! Moore snags the ball away from Ryan! Turnover! Atlanta calls a timeout.

0:12 JaMarcus gets sacked. Again. I cry. The crowd boos.

Third Quarter

14:53 Higgins gets it to the 25, and a Falcon obliges by commiting a 15-yard penalty.

13:51 JaMarcus throws incomplete.

14:38 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas, who gets to the 40.

14:09 There's a flag on the play for a Raiders false start. Replay!

13:41 JaMarcus throws to Higgins, who drops it. Say it with me: 3-and-out.

13:30 Lechler punts another bouncy ball to the 6.

13:25 Turner sees a hole the size of the MacArthur Maze and zooms through it for a first down.

12:04 Ryan fakes and then throws short of a first down. Flag on the field. Holding call on the Raiders. Because we really needed that, Asomugha.

11:44 Turner gets another first down. He's had 100 rushing yards so far. I think the Raiders are still at -2

11:10 Ryan tosses to Norwood. Wilson manages to knock Norwood out of bounds before the first down.

10:50 Ryan hands off to Douglas, who also misses the first down.

10:14 Ryan tries a shovel pass to Norwood, but he drops it. Wow! The Falcons are going to punt!

10:06 Higgins fair-catches at the 18.

10:00 JaMarcus throws to Bush for a 6-yard gain.

9:26 Hooray! JaMarcus hands off to Fargas for a first down!

8:56 JaMarcus is harrassed into throwing it away.

8:51 Fargas runs for a gain of 1.

8:09 Oh dear. JaMarcus fumbles and Atlanta recovers.

Cable calls for a review, but I'm not too sure what there is to review. JaMarcus straight-up dropped that one.

8:08 Yep, Oakland gets charged with a timeout. You know, it takes a lot to get me to quit watching a Raiders game, but I'm getting there.

8:02 Norwood gets to the 30.

7:35 Ryan throws it away, even though Jenkins was open.

7:23 Ryan throws to White for a first down.

6:48 Turner gets to the 15.

6:05 Turner gets to 3rd and 1.

5:26 Ryan calls a timeout.

5:20 Ryan fumbles on the snap, but the Falcons recover. They decide to go for it.

4:40 Woo! The Raiders hold on 4th and 1!

4:34 Downside is, they have horrible field position. JaMarcus gets chased into the end zone and frantically throws it away.

4:26 JaMarcus connects with Walker just shy of a first down. 3-and-out.

On the plus side, the Giants are whomping on the Cowboys.

4:14 Lechler punts to the 45.

3:35 Ryan hands off to Turner for a gain of about 4.

2:24 (I got distracted.) Ryan throws to White for a first down.

1:38 Norwood accelerates alarmingly after the handoff and gets another first down.

1:07 Turner does not get another first down. However, Wilson is not getting up very quickly. Injury timeout. He walks off the field, replaced by Huff.

0:23 Norwood gets the handoff and manages to trip over his own feet for a gain of a yard.

Fourth Quarter

14:53 Ryan gets sacked by an enthusiastic Raider.

14:29 Elam punts to the Raiders' 40.

14:09 JaMarcus sees nobody open and takes off running for another first down.

13:14 JaMarcus throws to Madsen, who drops it. The crowd wails.

13:06 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas, who is immediately sacked.

12:30 The Raiders go for it, which results in JaMarcus getting sacked like a Wachovia CFO. Falcons take over on downs.

12:13 Asomugha pounces on Norwood after the handoff.

11:32 Hall does the same to Hartsock. 3rd and 15.

10:55 Ryan tosses to Snelly, who gets a few yards shy of a first down.

10:08 The Raiders block a punt! Specifically, Isaiah Ekejiuba blocks a punt. It's recovered by the Falcons, but because it didn't make it past the line of scrimmage, it's the Raiders' ball.

9:46 JaMarcus throws complete to Bush for a gain of three.

9:12 JaMarcus throws to Bush, who breaks a tackle and nearly gets a first down.

8:34 JaMarcus gets the first down himself and keeps on running to the 10.

8:04 JaMarcus hands off to Bush, who spins off a wall of Falcons and gets a yard.

7:27 JaMarcus throws into the end zone to Coleman, who is unfortunately in a Falcons uniform. Argh.

6:34 The Falcons get a first down. I have lost the will to pay attention.

5:46 Turner gets another first down.

3:17 My compatriot and I discuss the state of the rest of the league at the expense of some more Falcons yardage reporting.

3:11 According to the commentators, the Raiders defense has been on the field for 41 minutes of game time. I believe it. The Falcons get a penalty, but they look completely unconcerned.

2:17 Snelling gets the handoff and is several yards shy of a first down.

The Falcons take a knee or two to run out the clock. The crowd boos listlessly.


Final Score: Raiders 0, Falcons 24.This was the definition of a debacle.

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