September 14th, Chiefs


Our TV apparently couldn't handle displaying anything after the Raiders season opener on Monday. On Tuesday morning, my esteemed compatriot tried to watch First Take and discovered that everything was in 3-D. Apparently, the color guns are out of alignment. As a result, there will be no insightful play-by-play analysis of the game in Kansas City. There will, however, be rampant speculation about Lane Kiffin, whether or not he will have a job in 24 hours, and whether or not Al Davis still has any brain cells firing.

In short: Probably not and definitely not. One also wonders what Mike Shanahan thinks about all this.

The new TV should be here by tomorrow, so stay tuned. Such is the life of the devoted Raiders fan.

Update: Hooray! The Raiders won 23-8 and D-Mac tore it up.

Game #1, 09/08/08