October 12, Saints


And here we are back in Oakland, contemplating the possibility that maybe the Saints will be as lousy as they were against the Vikings last week. One can hope.

Hi, Tom Cable! I wouldn't have your job for all the little plastic toys in China! You look tense.

First Quarter

14:56 Gibril Wilson gets a very nice tackle.

14:14 Reggie gets a couple of yards, not enough for a first down.

(I missed something here.)

13:12 Higgins runs it back 35 yards!

13:06 Fargas gets two yards.

12:34 JaMarcus throws to Curry, who catches it at the Saints' 25 for a first down. Whee!

11:58 Play action fake by JaMarcus, who then throws to Miller in the end zone. Unfortunately, Miller is not quite there.

11:48 Fargas gets 4 yards.

11:07 JaMarcus throws to Curry at the 10 for a first down.

10:33 Fargas rams his way through the line for 8 yards.

9:52 JaMarcus throws to Miller, just short of the goal line. Miller drops it, but in his defense, he does get tackled viciously.

9:47 JaMarcus throws to Higgins, who gets all interfered with. The refs throw no flags. Boo!

9:45 Janikowski kicks a field goal with total insouciance.

9:44 The Saints fair-catch it at the 20.

9:36 Brees throws 20 yards for a first down to Reggie, who then attemps to zip further downfield. He is prevented.

8:59 Deuce gets a couple of yards.

8:12 Brees throws to Campbell, who gets another first down. He also comes off the field looking woozy.

7:47 Breess throws to Miller, who gets *another* first down. Grr!

7:13 Brees throws to Reggie, who goes for the outside and is stopped. A little yellow flag appears. Holding on the Saints.

6:50 Brees hands off to Reggie, who gets 4 yards to the Raiders' 22. He is stopped by several determined Raiders.

6:01 Brees throws to Miller, who gets to the 14 yard line, but here's another flag. More holding by the Saints. Payton looks cranky. 2nd and 26.

5:35 Brees hands to Reggie, who promptly accelerates to the 28. Howards tackles him with fervor.

4:53 Brees throws long to Miller, just shy of a first down. And the Raiders have held them to a field goal!

4:14 'Cept the Saints' rookie kicker missed the field goal. Yow.

4:11 Higgins got it to the 19.

4:04 JaMarcus looks here and there and the next place, but sees nobody. He sensibly heaves it away.

3:57 Fargas gets 5 yards. 3rd and 5.

3:17 JaMarcus throws to Walker (finally!) for a first down. Hooray!

2:38 Fargas gets another 5 yards to the Raiders' 38.

1:25 JaMarcus throws to Curry for a first down. Gay grabs him all over and finally brings him down.

0:49 JaMarcus throws to Lelie, and Gay almost snags it.

0:45 Fargas gets a yard to the 50. 3rd and 9.

0:06 False start on Miller. Argh!

Second Quarter

...Man, I had all kinds of cool stuff in here about this game, particularly one stirring part in which the entire Superdome boomed "DEUCE!" all in unison, and apparently it was eaten. Not unlike the Raiders offense in this game.




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