October 26, Ravens


I just got back from Albuquerque, where my esteemed compatriot had a job interview and I saw one of the more impressive displays of Raiders loyalty ever in a parking lot. Picture an enormous black pickup (Ford 350?), raised, with Raiders license plates. And Raiders bumper stickers. And a tinted Raiders logo back window. Thing was, you almost couldn't see the back window, because in the bed of the pickup, over the gun rack, were three flags: a medium-sized American flag on the left, a medium-sized Marines flag on the right, and a HUGE Raiders flag in the center.

I think I might like it in Albuquerque.

And now to the game in Baltimore. I particularly dislike the Ravens, as they managed to knock the Raiders out of a playoff spot back in 2002. I suspect the Raiders don't like them any better.

First Quarter

14:55 The Raiders get the kickoff, and Higgins gets it to the 20.

14:52 Fargas gets a gain of 1.

14:12 Ack. Terrell Suggs sacks JaMarcus.

13:23 Fargas powers through for about eight yards.

13:00 Lechler punts... not very long.

12:54 The Ravens get it to the 52. Boo!

12:54 Ravens false-start.

12:49 McGahee gets about a yard.

12:13 Flacco gets chased all around and throws to a reciever, who drops it.

12:06 Flacco throws a beautiful long ball, which DeAngelo Hall nearly intercepts!

12:04 Ravens punt, and Higgins thinks it will go out. It doesn't. Raiders are at the 10.

11:37 Fargas gets stuffed by Suggs for a loss of a yard.

11:30 Fargas tries valiantly to get somewhere, but doesn't.

10:37 Oh dear. JaMarcus gets sacked for a safety.

10:30 Lechler punts to the 15, and the Ravens get to the 30.

10:23 Flacco gets chased some more and throws it away.

10:15 Baltimore takes a timeout.

9:38 Flacco throws to Heat, who gets a first down.

8:58 Smith gets a couple of yards before getting pounced.

8:23 Flacco throws to McClain, who drops it. 3rd and 7

8:20 Flacco throws to Smith, who also drops it.

8:11 Koch punts it, and this time, Higgins is right. It does go out.

8:07 Fargas gets two yards.

7:37 Douglas squishes Fargas instantly.

6:43 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas again for a gain of three. Um, JaMarcus? You might want to do something else.

6:17 Lechler punts to the 20, and the Ravens get it to the 25.

6:02 Flacco fakes and hands it to McClain, who powers through several Raiders for a first down.

4:53 Flacco throws to Smith, but DeAngelo is right there. Smackada!

4:18 Ravens take another timeout.

4:13 Flacco throws long to McGahee, but he misses. Wilson whacks him anyway.

4:03 Ravens punt to Higgins, who gets to the 19. Hmm. Penalty flag. Holding on the Raiders. Argh!

3:53 JaMarcus in the end zone again! But he throws to Huff. 2-yard gain.

3:12 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas, who gets a couple of yards. JaMarcus, you aren't listening to me!

2:39 JaMarcus hands off to Bush, who doesn't get anywhere.

1:55 Lechler punts to Leonard, who happily runs it 40 yards until he is shoestringed by a desperate Raider.

1:06 Flacco throws to Smith. Smith gets tackled by Brown. 3rd and 1.

0:30 Flacco hands it to McGahee, who makes a first down.

Second Quarter

14:35 After a small amount of fussing around, the Ravens get a touchdown.

14:26 Extra point is good.

14:16 JaMarcus throws it away.

14:04 Woo! JaMarcus throws a lovely bomb to Walker for a first down! Whee!

13:28 JaMarcus throws to Bush, who almost gets another first down. JaMarcus is listening to me!

12:22 JaMarcus stops listening to me and hands it off to Fargas for no gain.

12:05 Fargas gets the necessary 2 yards for a first down.

11:35 JaMarcus throws a rainbow to Walker. Problem is, it's the Ravens' Walker at the Raven's 3-yard line. I wail miserably.

11:35 False start on the Ravens. And another false start! Raiders, please get a safety.

11:29 McClain gets three yards before Gibril Wilson makes him one with the turf.

10:31 McClain tries two more times and gets a first down.

9:43 More to McClain, who gets a yard.

9:02 Dangit, DeAngelo, catch that interception! You get paid for this!

8:53 Rice gets a first down after cranking through the Raiders.

7:37 Flacco throws long to... the sideline.

7:26 Flacco throws 70 yards to Williams, who is wide open. He runs it in for a touchdown.

7:26 Extra point is good.

(I got distracted by the travails of my fantasy team. Back to the travails of my actual team.)

5:38 JaMarcus avoids a safety by throwing to Schillens, but it isn't enough for a first down. Puntz0r!

5:14 The Ravens run it much to far back, in my opinion, and McGahee gets a first down.

4:29 Flacco throws long and connects nicely with Mason, but it's called back due to holding by Chester.

3:11 Flacco throws to Rice, who neatly evades Wilson for a first down.

2:43 DeAngelo flings himself at McGahee for a stop.

2:00 Flacco hands to Rice, who gets another first down.

1:54 Flacco tosses an option to Rice, who gets another first down. This does not bode well.

1:47 Rice gets another first down. Argh!

1:22 McGahee gets two yards.

1:01 Flacco throws long, but DeAngelo earns his paycheck by defending the ball in the back corner of the end zone. Denied! Then DeAngelo scares me half to death by jawing with the ref, but it's apparently all good.

0:15 Flacco hands to McGahee, who gets a couple of yards. Ravens kick a field goal.

0:05 Higgins makes it to the 35 after the kickoff.

Third Quarter

(I got distracted by my fantasy team again. Can you blame me?)

11:51 The Ravens punt to Higgins at the 30. He sensibly hits the turf in front of the large men in purple.

11:47 JaMarcus nearly throws to Ray Lewis! Ack!

11:03 JaMarcus throws an enormous bomb to Schillen! Who catches it! Whee!

10:30 JaMarcus hands off to Fargas, who gets about a yard.

10:16 JaMarcus throws to Lelie, who catches it, but not in the end zone.

10:13 SeaBass kicks a field goal. We have points on the board!

10:08 Ravens get it to the 30 on the kickoff.

9:36 McGahee gets a few yards.

9:27 McClain gets a first down.

8:40 McGahee runs like crazy for another first down. Alas, holding is called on the Ravens. Back it goes.

8:07 McGahee gets three yards.

7:24 Howard grabs McGahee with great enthusiasm and throws him to the turf.

6:40 Flacco throws to Rice, who gets by Wilson with minimal effort. First down.

6:14 Rice gets another few yards.

5:26 Flacco hands off to Smith. Who throws for 43 yards to... Flacco. That was definitely cool-looking. Fortunately, Flacco stumbles before the end zone.

4:25 McGahee runs it in for a touchdown, but holding is called. Second down.

4:21 Flacco hands off to McGahee, and there's another flag. Illegal formation. Still second down.

3:55 Flacco throws to Rice, who doesn't get far.

3:20 Matt Stover makes a field goal.

3:12 Higgins gets it to the 33 at the kickoff.

3:03 JaMarcus throws long to Miller to the 40.

2:29 JaMarcus throws to... nobody.

2:22 JaMarcus throws to Schillens, who catches it and barely misses a first down.

1:41 JaMarcus throws long to Miller, who reads it perfectly. Just a few yards away from the end zone!

1:05 JaMarcus hands off to Bush, who gets within 3.

0:29 JaMarcus throws Griffith, who gets lit up by Ray Lewis. Barely misses... or did he? My compatriot and I watch it several times in slow motion and determine that the ball broke the plane. Cable, sensibly, challenges the ruling on the field.

0:11 Woohaa! The refs say it was a touchdown! Touchdown dance!

0:36 Extra point is good!

0:30 Janikowski kicks off to Rice, who gets to the 30.

0:23 Flacco fakes and throws to Wilcox, who the Raiders chase out of bounds just before the first down.

Fourth Quarter

14:23 Flacco hands off to McGahee, who gets a first down.

13:15 Flacco throws to McGahee for another first down.

12:02 Flacco hands off to Rice for a gain of two.

11:21 Flacco throws to McGahee, but Routt bats it away. Whee!

11:12 Koch punts to Higgins, who takes a step and gets sacked at the 12.

11:06 JaMarcus throws to someone, but it goes nowhere.

My compatriot and I get distracted by Al Davis, who looks as though he might start melting a la the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

10:28 JaMarcus throws to Higgins, who is sacked just before a first down.

10:15 Lechler punts.

9:20 The Ravens do... something for a first down.

8:45 Yay! DeAngelo pounces on a fumble! Turnover! With decent field position!

8:35 JaMarcus looks around, sees nobody, and runs for a first down!

8:11 JaMarcus hands off to Bush, who goes nowhere.

7:32 JaMarcus throws, apparently to Schillens, but really to the turf. 3rd and 8.

7:29 JaMarcus doesn't get the snap in time. Delay of game. 5-yard penalty.

7:29 JaMarcus gets blitzed every which way.

6:56 JaMarcus sensibly takes a timeout, which Cable should have done on the last play.

6:54 JaMarcus runs around and throws it in Lelie's general direction, but mostly 10 yards out of bounds.

6:40 Flacco throws to a Raven, who gets pancaked.

6:12 Flacco hands off to Rice, who gets 4 yards.

5:52 Flacco throws to Wilcox just short of a first down.

5:17 Koch punts into the end zone for a touchback.

4:55 JaMarcus pitches it straight up in the air, and about five people go up for it. Schillens doesn't get it, but it doesn't get intercepted.

4:50 JaMarcus gets sacked by Suggs as he throws it away.

4:46 JaMarcus throws it away. Well, actually, he threw it to Lelie, but Lelie was not there.

4:41 The Raiders go for it, and Johnson sacks JaMarcus. JaMarcus tips his head back in misery. The Ravens take over at the Oakland 10.

4:35 Flacco hands off to McGahee, who gets a couple of yards.

3:53 McGahee gets a couple more yards.

3:14 Flacco tosses to Rice, who runs it in as though no Raiders are on the field at all. Touchdown for the Ravens.

3:28 Higgins runs the kickoff to the 23.

3:27 Ravens call a timeout.

3:24 JaMarcus throws to Walker (the Raiders one, this time) for a first down.

3:20 JaMarcus throws it away.

3:12 JaMarcus actually completes one to Lelie for a first down!

2:48 JaMarcus throws to Walker, but he misses it by millimeters.

2:37 JaMarcus throws to Curry, but it's short of a first down.

2:09 JaMarcus converts the 4th to a first with a throw to Curry. Whee!

1:40 JaMarcus nearly gets sacked about 5 times, but manages to throw a completion. Sadly, it is shy of a first down.

1:16 JaMarcus throws, and Fabian Washington (hi, Fabian!) nearly intercepts it.

1:12 JaMarcus throws long to Curry, who is right in the end zone. He doesn't jump, and therefore misses it. Some Raiders fan can be heard booing with great vigor.

... and the Ravens let the clock run out. Ryan the Younger gets a Gatorade bath.

Final Score: Raiders 10, Ravens 29. Well, it could have been worse.

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